A woods scene including moss, the roots of a hemlock tree, and quartz rocksYear 3 Healing Journey

A journey into healing with the Divine, Your Community, and the Earth


In this Year of Training You Will:

  • Explore healing with the higher spiritual realms
  • Deepen connection with Guides
  • Understand when to use Spiritual Guide or Angelic Mediated Healing
  • Healing with the level of Sacred Geometry
  • Deepen connection to the natural world and the four elements
  • Bring healing to your community and to the Earth
  • Honor your ancestors
  • Deepen your ancestral healing skills
  • Practice Ceremony
  • Create Sacred Space
  • Learn the tools to create a successful energy healing practice, or how to bring these skills into your chosen profession
  • Allow the possibility that you could fall in love with the Divine


Class registration is limited to those who have successfully completed the Year 2 Healing Journey Training.  Please contact Christina at christina@blueheronacupuncturevt.com or call 802-595-2248 for more information.



$3000 per year, and $2500 if registered by 10/31/2023

Payment plans are available

VSAC Advancement Grants are available for those who are eligible.  Please contact VSAC for more information and to apply.



Class starts in January 2024, dates to be determined.