Woman with hands over heart on client who is very relaxed under a blanket on the healing table with plants in the background

Inner Path School of Healing

The Healing Journey Program - A Three Year Energy Healing Training

Are you ready to delve deeply into and cultivate your own innate power for healing?  This is a three year course developed to mentor a class of students through an intensive self-discovery and healing journey. Students will be able apply the skills they have learned to their own healing, and to facilitate healings for others.

The Year 1 training is the first part of the three year Healing Journey.  The first year of training takes you on an inner exploration of self while learning to be in a healer-client relationship.  Students will deepen their understanding of themselves, learn how to give powerful healings, hold boundaries, and understand the ethics of healing.

Year 2 is an exploration of the individual's relationship to other, and the healing skills taught build on the first year teachings.  This class covers relationship cords, healing deeply held trauma and pain, shadow, and working with astral objects and beings.

The 3rd year of training focuses on the individual's relationship to community and aligning with divine will.  Year 3 builds on the previous two years of training including Ancestral healing and advanced spiritual healing techniques.  Students bring their healing journey out into the world through an expression of their own unique healership in whatever form that may take.

The Healing Journey Program is now officially run through the Inner Path School of Healing founded in 2023 by Christina Ducharme. For more information, or to sign up for our newsletters about classes, workshops, and the Healing Journey Program, please contact Christina @ innerpathschool@gmail.com or call at 802-595-2248.

In This Journey Students Will:

  • Learn to perceive the human energy field
  • Learn to give healings
  • Track self during healings and in personal life
  • Delve deep into the healing arts and explore more of your own inner landscape
  • Learn skills that can be applied to everyday life and creating a healing practice
  • Ground, clear and charge chakras
  • Connect deeply with the Tan Tiens and Hara
  • Deepen high sense perception
  • Connect to guides
  • Connect with the soul's longings to manifest the life of your dreams
  • Receive feedback and support throughout the journey
  • Give and receive healings with other participants
  • Discover more of yourself, your personal power, boundaries, and leave more centered, grounded and clear.
  • Study Ethics and why a deep grounding of ethics is imperative to healer/client relationships
  • In between classes students will give healings and complete assignments to further their training.
  • Identify and embrace your own unique healership - or how healing is expressed through you.


Hands held over relaxed client at the close of an energy healing session

Perceive and Connect with Your Client's Energy Field

Client reclining on table with white blanket as healer runs energy through hands into clients body at ankles and knees, plants in background

Bring Balance to the Client's Field

Teaching Energy Healing Techniques

Learn How to Charge and Utilize Your Energy Field


"Studying Energy Medicine with Christina has been a life changing experience.  She is an excellent teacher:  organized, compassionate and deeply integral.  The breadth of her healing knowledge, and ability to hold space is powerful.  Through the process of the Year 1 - 10 month journey I experienced deep and profound change and emerged feeling like a different and more authentic version of myself.  For me, studying with Christina is not just about learning a new skill, it's about becoming more fully myself."

~ Anna C. Graduate of the Year 1 Training, 2020

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