“Christina Ducharme is an absolute wealth of knowledge, skill, and is an incredibly intuitive healer.  The dedication she has shown me through my healing process is beyond anything I expected… her work is one of the most powerful things I have been able to experience to heal deep grief as well as some chronic shoulder pain… her powerful combination of energy work, acupuncture, herbs and traditional Chinese medicine has been essential for me to move through things I was unsure if I was capable of getting past.  Beyond highly recommended!”

- E.I. 



"When I met Christina, I was drawn to her inviting and nurturing energy. She is genuine, humble, and uplifting. I felt fully listened to and supported while under her care. Christina knows how to hold a space where you can naturally allow yourself to be vulnerable and cultivate wholeness. She helped me through my anxiety and menstrual issues. It’s obvious how deep Christina’s passion is for this medicine. She is an exceptional practitioner whom I highly recommend!"

- Brittany N.J.


"I have seen Christina... for both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  During that time I became pregnant with my first child, which I attribute to her and her amazing ability to promote healing.  I worked with her on morning sickness and pregnancy related issues...  I'm happy to say I will be delivering a healthy baby girl in just a few weeks time.  Christina is a wonderful person and an amazing practitioner."

- Caitlin G.


"Dr. Christina Ducharme, L.Ac. is a veteran acupuncturist... I had the opportunity to meet her during one of her workshops on Tan Tien, an ancient Chinese tradition of focusing on "important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigong, martial arts such as t'ai chi ch'uan, and in traditional Chinese medicine." (wikipedia)

I liked her energy and wisdom enough to make an acupuncture and healing session with her. Christina was very thorough during [the] intake and asked lots of great questions to learn more about what I had written on my health form. It was clear she had read my form thoroughly and had some ideas already on how to help me.

Once on the table, she worked quickly to get the needles in and get me some relief. I feel asleep during the session, completely pain free and relaxed. Her session earned me several days of more energy and painless movement.

Christina is an expert in women's health, acute and chronic pain and is Lyme literate. amongst other specialties... and [as a] Barbara Brennan energy healer, she works to reconnect parts of the body's energy field that have become displaced; it may sound kooky, but it's really effective.

I look forward to more sessions with her in the future."

-Stephanie S.


"Christina is such an amazing person. What she brings to her practice goes beyond just what she does. She involves herself in the client relationship and THAT is what sets her apart."

-Larry H.


"Christina is absolutely magic with her acupuncture skills! I am really impressed, I was terrified at first (I'm scared of needles BAD), but she made me feel comfortable... After my first treatment, I was... surprised to find that my shoulder, which has been stiff for years, had new mobility! And after my second treatment I had even more, plus more mobility in my hips and lower back. I can't wait to see what happens after my third treatment..."

-Karen K.


"Tension migraines have plagued me for years. I have found some relief with various other methods, but felt it was time to give acupuncture a try. Christina is a professional, kind and knowledgeable women. She provided me with a treatment that I immediately had results with."

-Shannon S.


"You're an AMAZING healer Dr. Ducharme! I'm so fortunate to have experienced your mad skills and would encourage everyone within a 100 miles or more to make an appointment & get to the office for a treatment!!! ASAP! "

-Robin H.