Living with Intentionality, Manifest the Life You Want: An Exploration of Hara

What is the Hara?

Woman with hands over heart on client who is very relaxed under a blanket on the healing table with plants in the backgroundThe Hara is a level of our energy field, like the chakra or meridian system, and relates to one’s life purpose and deeper spiritual purpose. It is where one sets and holds their intentions for their life, and in any given moment or day to day decisions. The Hara is the level of intentionality and contains the Tan Tien, Soul Seat and Individuation point.   It is the foundation on which the aura field rests, and contains our intentionality and our power for manifestation. On the level of the Hara one can perceive a golden tube of light extending from above the head at the individuation point, through the Soul Seat in the upper chest, the Tan Tien in the lower abdomen and down to the core of the earth.

In Japanese acupuncture the Hara is the region of the abdomen and includes the Tan Tien. Through Hara palpation diagnosis is made for each of the body’s systems and disharmony can be corrected. The Hara may be described differently according to various energetic systems, however there is consensus that it includes the Tan Tien and is where our power originates from. In this exploration the Hara will be discussed primarily through the author’s understanding of the theory and teachings as described by Barbara Brennan and taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (of which the author is a graduate), and through the author’s own extensive experience offering Hara healings and studying Japanese and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

What is the Tan Tien, Where is it Located, and How can it be Distorted?

The Tan Tien has been described in ancient Chinese texts for thousands of years. It is a ball of energy located approximately 1.5” below the umbilicus. In Chinese medicine, the Tan Tien is located between the two Kidneys, representing the yin and yang energy of our bodies, and provides the Kidneys with the energy they use to facilitate all metabolic process of life, and the fire of life. Martial artists use the Tan Tien to generate physical power. In meditation it is used to strengthen the will and access spiritual power. Healers use the Tan Tien to generate physical, spiritual, and energetic power, connect to the power of the earth and to intentionally facilitate healing in their clients. The Tan Tien is a ball of light that can become red and generates a hot sensation with breath work. This feeling of heat may cause the individual to sweat, feel sexual energy, or to feel very solid and grounded in their connection to the earth. From the Tan Tien a golden tube of light extends down to the core of the earth, and up to the Soul Seat or High Heart on the chest (described below). The Tan Tien resonates energetically with the core of the earth, and is the energetic note that holds us in physical manifestation in our bodies. It is through the Tan Tien that we ground into the earth and generate our energy for physical life.

The Tan Tien can become distorted through trauma, either at birth or later in life. This distortion can make it hard to feel safe in our bodies, to ground into the earth, to live our lives the way we want, and to stay energetically present in our body. The Tan Tien is a very resilient part of our energy body. It can be restored to its proper configuration through energy healing if the practitioner has a strong Tan Tien and Hara.

What is the Soul Seat, Where is it located, and How can it Become Distorted?

The Soul Seat is located on the high chest, in the center, above the heart chakra. It looks like a source of diffuse light reaching out spherically about 1-2” in diameter, but it can become larger with meditation.   It is here that we hold our longings for our lives, our soul’s purpose, and our incarnational purpose in this lifetime. The longing could be for a short-term goal such as longing to see a friend, to find a house or home, or a soul purpose such as becoming a healer, a teacher, or artist.

The Soul Seat itself can not become distorted, however it can become shrouded. It can look like a cloud of dark energy is covering up the light of the Soul Seat. This results in the person feeling like they can not connect with what they want to do in their lives, they may have a sunken chest, and feel like life has no purpose or meaning, or they may carry a great sadness.

Healing of the shroud obstructing the Soul Seat can result in a new excitement for life, connection with one’s purpose, continuation of a plan or dream that was not finished, or a new direction in life. Sometimes, an individual will have a sense that they know what they want to do in life, but are unable to articulate their desires, but feel they are aligned with their life purpose and able to take steps to manifest their lives anew. In time aligning with the Hara and connecting to the soul seat will offer the individual a clear vision of what had previously been shrouded.

Location of the Individuation Point, it’s Dysfunction, and Healing

The individuation point is an upside down funnel shaped point located approximately 3.5 feet above the head, and is our connection to the Divine, and our first point of individuality as the self was created.

The Individuation Point can become distorted or cloudy when we are doubtful, distrustful, or cynical about our relationship to the divine. This can come from trauma related to organized religion, a disconnection from the “God” who should have protected or helped a loved one or the self during a difficult situation, or through a general distrust of anything that cannot be seen and measured.

With healing the individual will feel a connection to the universal energy of the Divine, and trust one’s incarnation and purpose in life.

Healing the Hara Line and The Tan Tien, Soul Seat, and Individuation Point

The Hara line is a golden tube extending downward from the Individuation Point above the head, through the Soul Seat in the upper chest, through the Tan Tien in the lower abdomen, and into the core of the earth. Distortions in the Hara line can manifest in many ways, and affect not only the individual’s health, but their ability to create and manifest the life they long to live. Hara lines may be split between the Soul Seat and the Tan Tien, the Hara may not align with the core of the earth, but be bent to one side or the other. All of these, and other, misalignments affect our life. It is upon the Hara that our intentionality towards our lives, relationships, and our connection to self, other and spirit reside. Distortions of the Hara line affect our auric field and all aspects of our health and wellbeing.

Most people do not live their day to day lives with an aligned Hara. However, it is possible with training, and much practice, to learn to not only align the Hara, but to hold a strong and charged Tan Tien, Soul Seat and Individuation Point. A Hara healing requires a healer that has a very strong Hara, with all three points of the Hara in a healthy configuration, and they must be firmly rooted in the core of the earth. It is through the intention of the healer, their own personal power, and integrity that the client’s own Hara line and it’s three points can begin to harmonize and align. This is one of the most powerful healings an individual can receive, because it is upon the Hara that the auric field, Chinese meridian system, and the physical body reside. Any change in the Hara field will resonate through the entire being effecting overall health and wellbeing. Sometimes, an individual’s life might start to change dramatically and things such as home, material possessions, relationships that are not aligned with their purpose start to fall away as new opportunities are made manifest.

How do I learn how to Connect to and Work with My Own Hara?

I offer Hara healings (both distance and in person) and classes where I teach the techniques necessary for connecting to and charging the Hara. It is usually recommended for those who have no martial arts experience to come for a Hara healing, to begin to align the Hara, Tan Tien, soul seat and individuation point before starting a Hara healing workshop. However, the classes are open to all who want to join regardless of experience or level of expertise. If you have any questions please email me at, or visit for more information.

Information about Barbara Brennan’s teachings and the world renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing can be found by visiting


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